Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tour of Homes

We had the pleasure of decorating an amazing house in West Salem, built by
M&S Resource for the Tour of Homes 2014

Boy, was it a fun project! Crazy, but fun..

Craig, Katy and the contractors were running around getting all the last minute projects done, everyone was in a hurry and Aunt Bee's was right in the middle of it all.

At the end of Friday, all the work, all the decorating was complete and the house was ready for showing.

Thank you Mary for making the fabulous headboard, Debbie for painting furniture,
helping arrange it and putting together the little girls bedroom, Denise for her furniture, decorating and running around town skill, Judy and Larena for all their home d├ęcor and ideas, Mona for her painted furniture and Molly for all the flower arrangements. All of their skill just meshed together and the house looked wonderful!

 If you get a chance go by and check it out. The address is 2996 Ferguson NW Salem, OR and will be on show until Sunday, June 29th.
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